BMW 1.36 Tool



The program reads out the identification data of the found modules, defines quantity of mistakes, dumps them, and then repeats reading.

The status of each module is deduced in two columns where in the first the quantity of mistakes kept in memory of the module while in service is shown, and in the second - quantity of mistakes after dump, i.e. a real condition of the module at present.

Thus the program does not decipher codes of the found mistakes, and only defines their quantity. It is necessary to pay attention to it, as it excludes its use as diagnostic software. On the other hand, such programs are optimum from the point of view of pre-selling preparation of the car.

As the greatest interest is represented with such electronic modules as IKE, LCM, EWS, DME and EGS, and opportunities of the program are defined on these modules; it is meaningful to consider the list of accessible functions in more detail, on concrete examples.
FACTORY DEFAULTS - dump on factory installations
SERVICE RESET - dump of service intervals
COPY CODING - copying coding dates of the automobile from IKE in EWS
READ KEY - data reading from a keyfiles and folders in the HDD




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